Some History Of Seasons for Makeup

I want to give you some history of seasons before we learn the new seasons of today’s choices; by the way I am the mentor of the new season guidelines for the 21st Century. Seasons were developed with the subjective method of color choices and worse yet was, there were no rules of any kind, some people used the color hue of ones skin and others used the skin tone of ones skin and this is the correct choice for creating a classification of an individual for what their true 3d mink blink strip eye lashes is.

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3d mink blink strip eye lashes

Furthermore 50% of all women were classified as the wrong season and to add insult to injury no one knew the difference from summer or spring, my studies show that 61 % of women who were told that they are summer were really spring and 41% of women that were a true fall were told that they were winter and it gets worse. 53% of winter people were told that they were a summer. This was based on people who live in the Midwest and when they thought of winner they saw white snow in their yard, thus they thought winter is light skin and light skin is summer. Now let us look at spring, think of pink and red and roses that are pink and red and all other pastels, like yellow in other words any color that is different than white. If we agree springs is full of beautiful colors of the rain bow then you are spring and not summer, thus any pinkness to your skin hue or tone means you are spring there is no question you are a true season of spring.

A crossover season is created only from the sun and it means one of two things, your skin hue was summer a very light skin tone and now you have a red or pink tinge to your skin from the sun, and now you are a spring, because of red or pink hues, however this is not your true season. The only time your season can change is from the sun and if you love it as I do, the longer you are in the sun the darker your skin gets right, first you get sun burn, which means you are now a crossover for a few days!

If you still lay out in the sun day after day you will change your season once again to the next season which is fall, OK let’s talk about fall with are common since, think of fall colors as browns and yellows, and greens and peach and gold’s, the interrelationship to fall is simple, and skin hues or tones that become brown or golden brown, or a tinge of copper or a tanning of medium brown colors from the sun, you are now a crossover to fall. Once you leave all pinks and red hues and appear to have copper you are a true fall. Now your skin is a beautiful brown and a slight copper for those who use fake sun tanning color too appear suntan. Your season is 100% fall.
Season’s choices of skin tone, will change how you look now, and you will be delighted with the change. You will look younger or older depending on your choice of the array of colors according to your skin tone.

The main problem with the choice of a hue is that it destroys all focal points, as well as it creates a washout to contouring and lipsticks choices. Furthermore, the canvas of a face must have a beginning and an ending rule #1. The Objective method of 3d mink blink strip eye lashes has rules and thus with rules you can control your own beauty to create any look you so chose.

When dealing with a hue its intensity of pigment is over bearing in the color spectrum, while a skin tone is the single dominant selection of your skins primary color tone, minus the casting hues. This new technique will give you complete control of your own beauty and a guide to the center of your face, which allows you to contour pretty much any look you so choose.


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3d mink blink strip eye lashes
3d mink blink strip eye lashes

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