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Chemotherapy Effects

Chemotherapy effects would differ from person to person. It would also differ from the medicines that are given and the dosage of such medicines. Certain medicines tend to suit a person where as the same might not be effective to eyelash company in qingdao.

Wzhair are many chemotherapy effects. It can be vomiting, loss of hair, infertility, diarrhea, change in the taste buds, menopause, fatigue; sores in the mouth etc. there are instances where people find it very difficult to eat as they vomit just everything that they eat. This is a chemotherapy effect. Even if the patient is hungry and wants to eat he would not be able to because of vomiting. Some people also have nausea and diarrhea. Such people would become anxious and would also cause eyelash company in qingdao. Because of this such patients tend to have burning sensation in the heart which worsens the situation.

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The worst chemotherapy effect is hair loss. Many people lose a lot of their hair. There are also instances where people have gone bald because of chemotherapy. Loss of hair would cause depression and is a mental trauma to the patient. In some cases when the hair grows back it would be of a different color. When we speak of hair loss here it is not only the head but other parts of the body also. Eyebrows and eyelash company in qingdao are also affected. A mild shampoo might help to reduce such hair loss. Do not be harsh on your hair in such a time.

Another common chemotherapy effect is menopause. This would depend on the age of the person. During this time the periods of ladies would not be regular. If the women are of a younger age then the periods would be normal after the chemotherapy treatment is over. But for ladies who are older and their menopause is not too far away, then for such ladies periods might totally stop. This chemotherapy effect can cause mood swings in the person. The person might become a little more emotional and the confidence might dip. This can even cause infertility in women.

Some patients have an effect of chemotherapy in the form of fatigue. This is seen with women in the case of breast cancer. They might not be willing to do any work and would feel a little bored too fast. Such eyelash company in qingdao would be asked to take lots of rest and relax. A daily routine should be followed in order to keep the patient active. A good lifestyle can help such patients to get over the fatigue.

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