Mineral Makeup Ingredients – Good Stuff Inside

What is it that we like about mineral mink lashes 3D? It’s sheer, light, and most importantly, doesn’t make us look like our sweet, but over-done Great Aunt Margaret. Mostly though, it is the good ingredients that make up the mineral cosmetics we find the most appealing.

 mink lashes 3D
mink lashes 3D

Unfortunately, many cosmetics that say they are all natural are not. They contain a few ingredients that are natural but not enough of them are present to overcome the other not so good chemicals in the makeup. Even with mineral makeup, it is best to know what you are getting before taking their word for being a completely natural product.

The premise of mineral makeup is that it is all natural. In order to be all natural, the ingredients have to be wholesome and not harmful to your skin. If your mineral makeup contains ingredients like this, you are in for clean healthy skin under your mink lashes 3D.

1. Mica – this is one of the main ingredients in mineral mink lashes 3D. A type of mica, serecite, is a translucent mineral that helps with adhesion. We want our makeup to stay on our faces don’t we? Mica helps mineral makeup accomplish that in a natural way. In addition, mica also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores by reflecting light.

2. Titanium Dioxide – this mineral is big in the concealing department. It hides pores and lines by reflecting light as well as adding a brightener of sorts to the makeup. The overall appearance is still a matte natural finish. Titanium dioxide does offer the properties of sun protection but adding a sunscreen to your skin before applying mineral makeup reinforces what comes naturally.

3. Zinc Oxide – it’s just like that white stuff you see on the noses of surfers on the beach. Zinc is a mineral that aids in naturally healing the body without chemicals. As zinc oxide, it provides protection from the sun (as an ingredient found in most sunscreens) because it stays on when your face gets wet.

4. Iron Oxides – Who needs dyes when you can get your color naturally? Iron oxide pigments add color to mineral makeup. It can be subtle color changes used in foundations to match skin tones or a more varied color palette as with eye shadows.

5. Silica – this mineral when powdered, adds a silky feel to mineral mink lashes 3D. It functions to absorb excess oil in the skin so makeup continues to appear natural and not cakey. Silica powder also helps to reduce fine lines and reduce pores.

6. Boron nitride – has properties similar to other minerals in the makeup. Boron nitride absorbs oil from your skin, adds a smooth silky feel to the skin, and also a natural glow and not a shiny one.

Mineral makeup that contains these components can be said to be natural. Some mineral mink lashes 3D adds other components like rice powder and kaolin clay as well. These ingredients do have good properties such as oil absorption, but if you have very sensitive or dry skin, test these formulations gradually to make sure your skin can tolerate them.

Everyone’s skin is unique, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s right of every skin type. The best remedy is to test different formulations to learn which ingredients suit your skin best!

 mink lashes 3D
mink lashes 3D

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