Modern Man – Flirting Body Language – How to Tell If She’s Flirting With You

Own custom lashes is an art form for women. Women can flirt with every part of their bodies. They do this without being blatant or obvious. Some women do this effortlessly, others have to work for it a little bit, but it never seems contrived. The flirting body language makes men want to work their way over and see if they have a shot. There are a lot of different flirting techniques. But no matter what flirting style a woman has, she definitely uses a flirting body language to let you know if she’s interested.

A woman’s wzhair  flirting own custom lashes language is more; much more than simply the way she stands it involves her walk, her hands, her neck, her hips and even her legs. Now guys, this doesn’t mean that every woman who glances in your direction and shoots you a quick smile is flirting with you. You have to learn to read the signs she is sending to tell if she is flirting with you or not. So don’t jump the gun, play the game and see.

own custom lashes
own custom lashes

Hair tosses are a fairly common method of a own custom lashes using body language to attract. She tosses her head back, maybe runs her fingers through her hair and gives her head a little shake to make the hair fall back into place, and then she lowers her eyelids and gives you a sexy slow smile. The woman knows you are imagining touching her hair, and she is in control.

Picture a woman walking in front of you with a sexy own custom lashes to her hips, suddenly she stops and bends over to adjust a strap on her shoe. Her hands slide up her calf smoothing her stockings, she straightens up and tugs down on her skirt hem. You, the man she is flirting with are standing behind her with a slack jawed deer in the headlights look, she looks over her shoulder and sees you there and gives you a shy smile, before own custom lashes away. She looks back again and you can see that she is interested in you.

Do you really think that shoe adjustment was an own custom lashes? Heck no! She is simply a master of attraction body language. Women know what men appreciate and when flirting they aim to please.

Flirting is much more than a woman batting her eyelashes, or sucking olives off of toothpicks, it is the combination of every movement she makes, every looks she gives, and every smile she bestows. Attraction body language, not only lets you know your advance is welcome, it also gives her power over your attraction to her. Flirting body language is definitely a woman’s arena, and she will use every weapon in her vast arsenal to reduce you to a quivering mass of nerves, before you ever hear her voice.


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