The Benefits of Mineral Makeup

* Mineral makeup is gaining more popularity among women, make-up artists and dermatologists all over the world. Mineral private label mink eyelashes is made from 100% natural, micronized minerals and contains no chemicals that irritate the skin.

private label mink eyelashes
private label mink eyelashes

* The major reason it is so popular is the dewy look it gives to your complexion. Instead of looking like you have a thick layer of face private label mink eyelashes, you look clean and beautiful. The pigments in the makeup blend into your skin in a natural looking way.

* To find pure mineral products, look for Mineral Cosmetics are free of talc, fragrance, silicone, chemicals, rice powder, oils, wax and dye. Some brands can contain harsh ingredients. When using raw mineral mixtures, it improves the health of the skin. People with sensitive skin sometimes find traditional private label mink eyelashes causes them breakouts or rashes. Since mineral makeup is so pure, there is little risk of this happening.

* Mineral Cosmetics are appropriate for all skin types, including dry and hyper- sensitive skin. They are made entirely of pure pigment and pure mineral elements; mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, & iron oxides. The ingredients offer broad spectrum sun protection, calm and soothe skin, and are anti-inflammatory.

* This type of makeup helps keep your skin hydrated all day long, has UV protective filters, and protects your skin from the harmful influences. It is appropriate for all skin types and ages. Mineral makeup will not clog pores or dry the skin.

* Mineral foundation is ideal for hiding dark, red spots, broken capillaries, pigment changes and acne scarring. The natural coverage is amazing!

* Unlike other kinds of face powders, the minerals allow the product to come in a wide range of shades. This helps with women who have darker complexions or uneven skin tones.

* Makeup made from 100% minerals is the only private label mink eyelashes that is recommended for use after chemical peel, Micro-dermabrasion or laser resurfacing with no risk of inflammation or allergic reaction. It guards your skin by providing protection from the suns’ UV rays, free radicals and wind.

* Mineral makeup is ideal for mature skin, because it reflects light and helps hide fine lines and wrinkles.

* For oily skin, mineral makeup will absorb the excess oil, while allowing your skin to breathe naturally and not clog pores

* Mineral makeup is environmentally safe. It does not pollute and is considered an environmentally friendly product.

Wendi Hoffine ~ Owner ~ Mulberry Twist

After an exhausting mission of trying to find the perfect mineral foundation for my skin, I learned a great deal along the way, and realized that others may be having the same problem… I always tell people who compliment my private label mink eyelashes that I had to kiss alot of frogs along the way.

I started Mulberry Twist Cosmetics and Skin care… so others won’t have to kiss as many frogs on their quest to find the perfect mineral makeup.

private label mink eyelashes
private label mink eyelashes

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