Three Simple Eye Makeup Tips

It is often our eyes which most people will be the first thing that others focus on. Not only are they one of our most beautiful features but they help to reflect our personality and who we really are. Of course many women today will want to further enhance the way their eyes look and will use a number of different products in order to do so. So in order to help you with making yours look even more beautiful we offer a number of eye professional eyelashes tips that you may find extremely useful.

Tip 1 – Applying Eye Shadow

professional eyelashes
professional eyelashes

It is important that the color of eye shadow you choose to apply is done so with the utmost care and of the best quality possible. Generally women will apply a couple of different color shadows to their eyes and the base coat should be the primary color that you wish to wear. It is best to apply as dark a color as possible and make sure that it covers the eyelid completely. After you have applied the base coat then you can apply the next color and this should be a lighter shade than the first and only be applied right below the eyebrows.

When choosing eye shadows select shades that complement each other, plus also the outfit you will be wearing. If you will be wearing a dress that is made up of several different colors then use several colors to decorate your eyes as this will help to create a more funky look.

Tip 2 – Applying Mascara

This is the best way of helping to make your eyelashes look much thicker, darker and curvier and also longer. Although the applying of mascara isn’t difficult you still need to be able to apply it in the correct way. You should always apply the mascara starting at the base of the eyelashes and stroking along them towards the tips. Also make sure that you do each coating in one continuous stroke. Never apply more than two coats of mascara to your eyelashes as this can make them look clogged rather than thick.

Tip 3 – Applying Eyeliner

Today when it comes to the applying of eyeliner you of course first have to decide on what color to use. When it comes to our eye professional eyelashes tips we would recommend that you choose to use a color that is going to match or complement the colors in the outfit you are wearing. When it comes to applying either liquid or powder eyeliner you should begin applying it from the inside corner of the eye and using one continuous stroke work your way along the line of the eye to the outside. However if you would prefer to make sure that applying eyeliner is easy then use a gel based product instead. Also you should only ever apply eyeliner after you have actually applied both your eye shadow and mascara. By doing this it helps to create a more finished look to your eye professional eyelashes.


professional eyelashes
professional eyelashes

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