What Are My Colors – Popular Forms of Makeup Foundation

A daily siberian mink lashes  routine for most women is generally pretty basic, but for those times when they want to go all out, or experiment, a good variety of different colors can be fun. This is the point where you begin to ask yourself, “What are my colors?” But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Under the color, women usually wear a makeup foundation. There’s a reason it’s called “foundation.” This first layer of siberian mink lashes sets the stage for what is to come. In a sense, it’s the most important makeup item you will be wearing. It helps to know about the various forms foundation comes in. Understanding their texture and effect will make your job of selection that much more easy.

siberian mink lashes
siberian mink lashes
  • Liquid Foundation is the most commonly used form. It can be found in formulations for all skin types, and for a wide range of coverage properties.
  • Mousse Foundation has such a light, creamy texture that it’s actually fun to put on. It tends to look more natural than many other foundations, and is an especially good choice for older women because it does not increase the appearance of lines and wrinkles like some of the others do.
  • Tinted Moisturizer/Foundation is primarily a moisturizer with a little color. It’s the lightest form of foundation, and is excellent when you want next to nothing on your face–just a little evening out of your skin tone.
  • Colored Mineral Powder Foundation is a loose powder made of natural minerals. It gives as light or as heavy a coverage as you want. A little extra on blemishes works wonders to hide the flaw. This siberian mink lashes is quite healthy for the skin due to the fact that it contains natural vitamins and minerals.

Of course you will need to ask yourself, “What are my colors?” before selecting your foundation, just as you will need to know what color cosmetics work for you. The colors must be absolutely correct for your skin tone for you to look your best.

Jan Hawken:Color Expert and Founder of MyBestColors.com

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siberian mink lashes
siberian mink lashes

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