Best Personal Makeup Cases

Personal wholesale 3d mink eye lashes cases, also known as train cases, are the perfect way to travel in style and keep your cosmetics organized. Even if you never leave town you can still use a train case to organize jewelry, cosmetics, and hair accessories. Not only do they look stylish in any bathroom but they also keep the clutter off your counters and vanity. Gone are the ugly vanity cases from twenty years ago. Train cases come in all shapes and styles right down to some being pink or leopard print!

wholesale 3d mink eye lashes
wholesale 3d mink eye lashes

Looking for the perfect gift? A wholesale 3d mink eye lashes case filled with goodies for a new mom, bride, or college girl is the perfect start to a new future. This is one gift that will not be thrown in a closet.

So many cases:

There are cases small enough for a weekend trip and some so large you could tour the world. I am just going to stick with smaller cases that any woman can pick up and run away with.

Best of the Best: Louis Vuitton Case

This signature monogram canvas case design by Louis Vuitton is reinforced with brass studded edges, S-lock with key, removable cowhide I.D. tag, and over locking trunk latches. Open the case and find a smaller box with mirror to wholesale 3d mink eye lashes your treasures as well as the two leather straps made to hold two bottles.

These cases are the ultimate in luxury and status as well as the ultimate in excellent craftsmanship. Words of caution: if you are going to stow your train case under the plane when traveling by air be aware that locking luggage is forbidden. There are some TSA approved locks, but if the airline wants to, they will break the lock.

Margaux Lancaster has a passion for life, movies, and make up.

First introduced to the craft by noted make up artist “Gandhi” Bob Arollo, make up artist on Ghostbusters and ER, Uncle Bob showed his young protégé how to create a fake burn scar on her forearm using everyday items from the wholesale 3d mink eye lashes. The effect was life changing and Magaux was hooked.


wholesale 3d mink eye lashes
wholesale 3d mink eye lashes

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